Osnabrück vs. Düsseldorf Tip Forecast & odds 18.04.2021

Osnabrück vs. Düsseldorf Tip & Quoten, 18.04.2021 – 13:30

For the VfL Osnabrück, the air is getting thinner and thinner. Since there have been almost only defeats in recent weeks and months, Osnabrück does not even have it in its own hands anymore. Although you are currently still in 16th place, Verfolger Sandhausen still has a game to catch up with. Osnabrück urgently needs points if you don’t really want to find yourself in a direct relegation spot soon. On Sunday it will be against Fortuna Düsseldorf, which will not be an easy task at all. Düsseldorf has not been an insurmountable force in recent weeks, but it has scored points on a regular basis. The first leg was a clear 3-0 win for Fortuna. Düsseldorf will also run favourite away on weekends. At 13:30 (CET) we start at the Bremer Brücke stadium.

(Status of odds: 15.04.2021, 06:58 Uhr)

For Osnabrück it has actually only been going down for weeks and months. One defeat hunts the next and there have been very few exceptions. As a result of this descent, the team is only in 16th place, one point ahead of Sandhausen. This position is also deceptive, as Sandhausen played one less game, insofar as he could pass Osnabrück on his own. Osnabrück is only six points away from the last place. At the end of the first lap, there were still thirteen points and even then Osnabrück had already started with the bad results.

The successes are clear. There was a 1-0 victory at Karlsruhe SC, as well as a 1-1 victory in Nuremberg. The last two games against Braunschweig and Regensburg, two opponents on an equal footing in the table, were lost. Osnabrück has lost the last eleven consecutive home games, which is of course a very bitter result. Without a doubt, Osnabrück is the league’s worst home team with 12:26 goals, two wins, one draw and eleven defeats.

On Sunday, coach Markus Feldhoff will have to manage without the players Ken Reichel, Luc Ihorst, Etienne Amenyido and Sebastian Klaas.

Recent matches from Osnabrück

Osnabrück: Wins: 1 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 3

(Status: 15.04.2021)

Where does Fortuna Düsseldorf end up at the end of the season? The relegated rider still has chances of promotion, even if they are not very high. 43 points and 6th place are currently. This means that Düsseldorf is missing seven points to the Relegationsplatz. However, not only points would have to be caught up, but also the goal ratio. If Düsseldorf seriously wants to attack again above, there will almost only have to be victories in the next few days. A victory should definitely come against Osnabrück, especially since Düsseldorf is also favoured abroad for this. The first leg was definitely decided by Düsseldorf.

Victories have been repeated in recent weeks, but a series could not build Düsseldorf. After the 3-1 victory against Nuremberg, only a goalless draw followed in Sandhausen. Afterwards, they even lost a clear 0-3 to Bochum at home. On the last day of the match the 2-1 victory in Darmstadt. Düsseldorf is experiencing problems this season, especially away from home. Meanwhile, the away statistics stand at four victories, four draws and six defeats at 17:21 goals.

Kenan Karaman, Jamil Siebert, Thomas Pledl and Shinta Appelkamp will be missing from the Düsseldorf squad.

Latest matches from Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf: Wins: 2 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 2

Osnabrück Siege: 4 | Draw: 1 | Düsseldorf Siege: 5

Düsseldorf won not only the first leg, but the last four games against Osnabrück. However, three of them were already a while ago. Nevertheless, Düsseldorf will play as a favourite team on the weekend. This is not necessarily only due to Düsseldorf, even if it is strong enough to score points away from home. It is mainly due to Osnabrück, which in recent weeks can hardly resist and above all is offensively weak. Therefore the tip for away victory Düsseldorf against Osnabrück.

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