Regensburg vs. Heidenheim Tip Forecast & odds 18.04.2021

Regensburg vs. Heidenheim Tip & Quoten, 18.04.2021 – 13:30

Jahn Regensburg is now out of the question and the chances of class survival are not bad. Not only do you have eight points advantage in front of the relegation spot, but there is also a game to catch up in which further points can be collected. At the weekend, however, we first head home to the square against Heidenheim. In the first leg, Regensburg was able to take a point away. Heidenheim is concerned with very important points, because the team now has very real chances of promotion again. Heidenheim has 45 points and is currently only five points away from third place. A win in Regensburg would of course be ideal to start the final sprint of the season. The game starts at 13:30 (CET) in the Jahnstadion Regensburg.

(Status of odds: 15.04.2021, 06:58 Uhr)

At the present time, the chances for Regensburg class survival are very good. The results of the last few weeks were by no means always outstanding. In the last five league games, however, there has been only one defeat, but two victories. Among other things, during the week against VfL Osnabrück. Regensburg is now in 13th place with 34 points, eight points ahead of the relegation place. In addition, Regensburg also has a catch-up game against Kiel. On Sunday Heidenheim arrives and points as a host would make class survival all the more likely.

Regensburg has not been able to win too many victories in recent weeks, but one or the other. In February they beat Paderborn 1-0 at home. After that, they lost to Fürth, but then caught a draw against Würzburg and Aue. After the end of the cup against Werder Bremen, the game against Kiel was supposed to be scheduled, but this should be moved msus. Last Wednesday there was a catch-up match against Osnabrück, which could be won 1-0 away. Five victories, five draws, four defeats and 19:17 goals are in the Regensburg home record.

For Sunday, Sebsatian Nachreiner will be injured.

Latest games from Regensburg

Regensburg: Wins: 1 | Draw: 2 | Defeats: 2

(Status: 15.04.2021)

Last season, Heidenheim barely missed promotion after a strong return lap. Now Heidenheim is in pretty good shape again and seems to be heading towards the climbing ranks again in the final sprint. Heidenheim has 45 points and is therefore only five points away from the Relegationsplatz. This seems feasible, but Greuther Fürth and Holstein Kiel also have catch-up games to play. Heidenheim also competed against both teams recently, but was only able to prevail against Kiel. Three points are now to be scored in Regensburg after there was only one point in the first leg at home.

In the last nine games Heidenheim has won six wins and one draw. These points have brought the team ever closer to the relegation spot, which seems to be within reach at least prematurely. However, there have also been recent defeats against Hamburg and Fürth. In the last two games, however, they prevailed against Kiel and Hanover. Furthermore, the Heidenheim away record with 16:25 goals, four victories, three draws and seven defeats is rather thin.

Players Dzenis Burnic, Gianni Mollo and Diant Ramaj will not be able to participate on Sunday.

Latest games from Heidenheim

Heidenheim: Wins: 3 | Draw: 0 | Defeats: 2

Regensburg Siege: 5 | Draw: 3 | Heidenheim Siege: 2

The first leg ended with a scoreless draw, the penultimate game won Heidenheim significantly at home. Before that, however, there were four consecutive victories for Regensburg. There is basically no favorite for Sunday. Regensburg has the home advantage and goes into this game with a win in his back. Heidenheim has to be classified as stronger, especially after the last few weeks. However, Heidenheim’s rather poor external balance remains, so there can be no clear favourite role. According to the tip on a draw between Regensburg and Heidenheim.

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