Karlsruhe v Nuremberg Tip Forecast & Quotas 21.02.2021

Karlsruhe vs. Nuremberg Tip & Quotes, 21.02.2021 – 13:30

Last season, these two teams had in common that they both played against relegation and both barely managed to survive. At the moment it looks tighter again at Nuremberg, while Karlsruhe is likely to hold the class. The team already has 36 points and is thus in a good fifth place. Nuremberg, on the other hand, with its 23 counters, can only be found in 14th place and has the difficult task ahead in Karlsruhe on Sunday. The KSC is favoured for the second leg. This is not only due to the home advantage, but also because the team has not yet lost a game in the new year. Nuremberg, on the other hand, since the beginning of January with only one victory. The game park stadium kicks off at 13:30 (CET).

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If it were currently only possible after the second round, Karlsruhe would actually play seriously for promotion. However, the team is currently six points behind in the relegation position. Since class maintenance is basically the main goal of the season, you can probably live with it very well. A win on the weekend would probably only be enough to consolidate 5th place, as Fürth has three points more and also a much better goal ratio. The Karlsruhe victory would also be special, as it hasn’t worked out since five games against Nuremberg.

The last defeat occurred before Christmas against Hamburg. With the new year, however, Karlsruhe has made an impressive assessment. Eight games, six of which were won and two of which ended in draws. The points were divided against Heidenheim and Regensburg, and victories were won against Fürth, Kiel and Bochum, among others. Last weekend Karlsruhe won 3-2 at SV Sandhausen. Interestingly, Karlsruhe still has room for improvement, especially at home. At 14:12 goals, four home victories are followed by two draws and four defeats.

At the moment, it looks as if only Dirk Carlson will be missing from Karlsruhe’s squad at the weekend.

Recent Matches by Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe: Wins: 3 | Draw: 2 | Defeats: 0

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After all, Nuremberg currently has a buffer of five points on the relegation spot. But it definitely looks like a relegation battle again, where every point counts. A victory in Karlsruhe would therefore be immensely important, but the chances are not too good. Nuremberg currently has 23 points, so could climb a few places with a victory away. In the first leg, there had only been the draw at home, now you have to settle for the outsider role. A defeat or even a draw could even see Nuremberg slip to 15th place.

In the last eight games, i.e. all games of the new year, Nuremberg has only won a single game. That was 2-1 on the penultimate match day in Darmstadt. There was also a 1-1 draw against Hamburg in January, which scored a point. Six games have been lost. These were defeats against Heidenheim, Bochum, Hanover, Regensburg, Sandhausen and most recently at home against St. Pauli. With three victories, two draws, five defeats and 14:16 goals, Nuremberg’s away record stands.

The club’s shortlist is long and does not make the task of coach Robert Klauß any easier. Enrico Valentini, Noel Knothe, Asger Sörensen, Felix Kohkemper, Robin Hack and Pascal Köpke will be missing on Sunday.

Latest matches from Nuremberg

Nuremberg: Wins: 1 | Draw: 0 | Defeats: 4

Karlsruhe Siege: 3 | Draw: 4 | Nuremberg Siege: 3

Karlsruhe SC will play as a favourite team on Sunday, even though they have not been able to win against Nuremberg since five games. If we look at the achievements of both sides only in the new year, the results could not be more different. Nuremberg with six defeats, Karlsruhe with six victories. In addition, there is the home advantage for the KSC. All in all, therefore, the tip for home victory Karlsruhe against Nuremberg.

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