Fürth vs. Kiel Tip Forecast & odds 22.02.2021

Fürth vs. Kiel Tip & Quoten, 22.02.2021 – 20:30

With regard to the promotion race, this match from Monday will play a very important role. This can already be seen by looking at the table, in which four teams in particular are currently seriously eligible for promotion. The teams Hamburg, Bochum and Kiel are in the first three places with 42 points, each with different goal ratios. Fürth is 39 points behind Kiel. This means that Fürth needs a victory on Monday, with which you could at least pass Kiel. Of course, it is clear that both sides want to win, but Kiel could probably live better with the draw, which would secure third place for now. Fürth is slightly favoured with the home advantage on the lawn, but only slightly in the odds. After all, you have already been able to win the first leg in Kiel. The Monday game will kick off at 8:30 PM (CET) in the Ronhof | Thomas Sommer sports park.

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The Fürther have a big chance this Monday, because with a victory you can climb to 3rd place. In return, however, there is also a great risk that if you lose, you will lose connection to the leading trio. So in terms of promotion plans, there must be a victory. At least that worked out in the first leg, so you can probably compete with a wide chest. Last weekend there was already a draw in Hamburg, so you should be at operating temperature as far as direct competition is concerned.

Eight league games have been played so far for Kiel in the new year and only one of them has been lost. That was in January at the 2-3 in Karlsruhe. Since then, there have been three draws and three wins. The points were divided against Paderborn, Düsseldorf and most recently Hamburg. The victories were against Osnabrück, Aue and the Würzburger Kickers. In the meantime, there was a 0-2 defeat in the DFB Cup at Werder Bremen. Fürth has a good, but not an exceptional, home record. At home Fürth scores five victories, two draws, three defeats and 18:12 goals.

Some players will be missing Stefan Leitl on Monday. Sebastian Ernst and Paul Seguin are blocked. In addition, Mergim Mavraj, Leon Schaffran, Emil Berggreen and Paul Jaeckel are injured.

Recent Matches by Fürth

Fürth: Wins: 3 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 1

(Status: 18.02.2021)

Holstein Kiel is facing a difficult away game, especially since they have already lost the first leg in their own stadium against Fürth. Also for Kiel, the 22nd match day is both chance and risk. If you win the match in Fürth, you could increase the lead on the opponent to six points and at least keep up with Hamburg and Bochum. On the other hand, if defeated, Kiel would slip to fourth place. In this respect, the question is how offensive Kiel will act, because in the event of a draw you would certainly stay ahead of Fürth.

Kiel’s record of recent weeks is also good. The last defeat was in mid-January against Karlsruhe. Since then, four wins and a draw have been won. The draw took place in Paderborn, the victories against Darmstadt, Braunschweig, Düsseldorf and last weekend against the Würzburg Kickers. Kiel also prevailed against Darmstadt in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup, even though he also needed penalty shootout. Kiel is also the league’s strongest away team and has not lost a game in the distance. 17:5 goals were scored with six wins and four draws away.

Noah Awuku will be missing injured, as well as Fin Bartels, who is locked in yellow.

Recent Matches by Kiel

Kiel: Wins: 4 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 0

Fürth Siege: 2 | Draw: 3 | Kiel Siege: 2

Only the eighth game will take place on Monday between Fürth and Kiel. Both sides have won two games so far. Fürth managed to win in the first leg. It is interesting that the results have always varied since the first time they met in 2017. A draw followed after each victory of a team. The odds of the bookmakers also point to a draw on Monday. This is a realistic assessment, because both teams are in strong form. However, Fürth has already left quite a few points on the track at home, while Kiel is still unbeaten away. Hence the tip for draw between Fürth and Kiel.

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