Düsseldorf vs. Nuremberg Tip Forecast & Quotas 07.03.2021

Düsseldorf vs. Nuremberg Tip & Quotes, 07.03.2021 – 13:30

There will be no more promotion battles for 1. FC Nuremberg this season. I suppose you’ve been saying goodbye to that for a long time. In the relegation battle, on the other hand, one or the other point cannot hurt in order to slowly have certainty about class survival. Fortuna Düsseldorf is also not a top favourite for promotion, but there are still opportunities. Currently, the team is seven points away from the relegation spot, so a corresponding series of victories could certainly create excitement again. In this respect, however, a victory against Nuremberg also has to come at the weekend, for which the Fortuna is favoured. At least theoretically, a home win could lead the team to 5th place. In the first leg, they split with a draw. Starting at 13:30 (CET), the Mercury Game Arena starts on Sunday.

(Status of odds: 04.03.2021, 07:16 Uhr)

The results of the last few weeks do not actually allow us to speak of an ascension struggle. Only one of the last seven games could be won. In this respect, Düsseldorf could actually be much closer to the promotion ranks if there had simply been one or two more victories. Currently, however, you have to settle for 36 points and 7th place. If there is no victory again at the weekend, the gap to the top is likely to increase again. However, Düsseldorf will go favourite on the pitch and has at least taken a point in Nuremberg in the first leg.

Actually, Düsseldorf got off to a really good start in the new year, even briefly ranked 3rd. But then these last weeks with hardly any points. There was a draw against Greuther Fürth and the Hamburg SV, but then defeats in Würzburg and Kiel. There was also no more than one point against Regensburg. Finally a 3-2 victory against Hanover, but they lost just as much last weekend in Heidenheim. But what Düsseldorf can rely on for much of the season is its home balance. It stands at seven victories, three draws, one defeat and 19:12 goals.

Felix Klaus, Shinta Appelkamp and Jamil Siebert will probably be absent from Düsseldorf.

Latest matches from Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf: Wins: 1 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 3

(Status: 04.03.2021)

The promotion battle at 1. FC Nürnberg is not enough this season either. But maybe class survival can be achieved a little less tightly than last season. At the moment, it looks fine in this respect. With 27 points, the club is only in 13th place, but has six points ahead of the relegation spot and also a much better goal ratio. Of course, the lead can also shrink quickly, but the competition would have to score a little more for that. Either way, it would be a big step for Nuremberg if there were a victory in Düsseldorf on Sunday.

The new year hasn’t scored too many points for Nuremberg yet, but the trend has been a bit better lately After all, seven points from the four games in February, in the six games before it was just one point. There was away victory in Darmstadt and Karlsruhe and also a goalless draw last weekend against Eintracht Braunschweig. With four victories, two draws, five defeats and 15:16 goals, the Nuremberg away record stands.

There are also failures on the part of Nuremberg. Alongside the yellow-blocked Enrico Valentini are Felix Lohkemper, Robin Hack, Pascal Köpke, Noel Knothe and Asger Sörensen.

Latest matches from Nuremberg

Nuremberg: Wins: 2 | Draw: 1 | Defeats: 2

Düsseldorf Wins: 5 | Draw: 3 | Nuremberg Wins: 2

In November, the teams split with a 1-1 draw. Certainly a result that both sides could only be half satisfied with at the weekend. Düsseldorf in particular wants to achieve home victory with the home advantage. There is a lot to support this, even if Düsseldorf has hardly won recently. Nuremberg has recently improved, but also not the measure of things. In addition, Düsseldorf has a home strength this season, which has already shown itself in points. Hence a tip for home victory Düsseldorf against Nuremberg.

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