Duell of the opening winners in Shenzhen

In Europe, the most recent international matches had a purely continental focus, as they were all about qualifying for next year’s European Championship. Everywhere else in the world, the focus is already on the 2026 World Cup, and the first matches are also being played in Asia with the aim of being part of the action in North America in three years’ time. In our China vs South Korea betting tip, we take a look at the chances of these two teams on their way to the USA, Mexico and Canada

The Asian World Cup qualifiers are extremely long and complex. However, this is also due to the fact that eight Asian slots are available for the first time. The continent’s weakest teams have already competed against each other in a preliminary round. From the second round onwards, there will be nine groups of four in which the two best teams will remain in the race for World Cup tickets.

Group C features two old rivals who have both played at the World Cup before. China and South Korea are the favorites for the top two places in this pool and both won their opening match. Thailand may still have hopes of overtaking the Middle Kingdom despite their home defeat to the Chinese. Singapore should have no chance

The Taegeuk Warriors are the only team likely to win the group. The South Koreans are regulars at World Cups and have been one of the strongest teams in the AFC for decades. That’s why you’re more likely to predict an away win in the clash between China and South Korea

China – Statistics & current form

The Chinese have spent many years trying to build one of the strongest leagues in the world and have invested a lot of money in the process. The main aim was to make soccer more popular in China and to make the national team one of the best in the world. That didn’t work at all and the financial hype in China has now returned to normal.

Slightly positive balance in 2023

Serbian coach Aleksandar Jankovic’s team could now benefit from the fact that the field of participants at the upcoming World Cup has been significantly expanded once again. After 2002, the second World Cup participation beckons. Nevertheless, the Dragons will have to do everything they can to fill one of eight Asian slots, as Chinese soccer currently offers nothing more than mediocrity at Asian level.

After a completely winless calendar year in 2022, things have at least picked up a little this year. In the nine international matches played so far in 2023, the Chinese have at least a slightly positive record with 4:3 wins and two draws. However, they have only played international matches against teams that are not among the continent’s top teams. We therefore think that the odds on a win for the visitors between China and South Korea are justifiably rather low.

The Chinese already had to play a key game in this qualifying round last week. In Bangkok, China were 1-0 down early on. However, Wu Lei managed to equalize in the first period. The Dragons were able to celebrate again with a quarter of an hour to go. Wang Shangyuan scored the winning goal to make it 2-1, which should have given the Chinese a leg up into the next qualifying round, with Thailand their toughest rivals on the way.

Predicted China line-up:
Junling Yan – Chenjie Zhu, Shenlong Jiang, Linpeng, Zhang – Xi Wu, Shihao Wei – Lei Li, Yennaris, Binbin Liu – Lei Wu, Long Tan – Coach: Jankovic

South Korea – statistics & current form

If you just take a look at the Taegeuk Warriors’ squad, it’s clear that South Korea is one of the best national teams in Asia. Bayern’s Min-Jae Kim, Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son and Paris Saint-Germain’s Kang-In Lee are just the tip of the spear of an outstanding squad and it would be not just a surprise but a sensation if the South Koreans did not march through this qualifying group with ease.

Winning streak started

In Jürgen Klinsmann, the Asians have a coach with a wealth of experience in World Cup qualifying and at World Cups. It sounds like the South Koreans have a lot going for them at the moment. However, the primary goals are to get off to a good start in the qualifiers and then a successful Asian Cup in Qatar in January

The current form at least gives reason to expect great things. There have been four wins in a row recently and the South Koreans have now gone five games without conceding a goal. This includes a win against Saudi Arabia and a clear 4-0 victory over Tunisia. On this form, it is certainly worth considering a prediction of a one-nil win for the visitors between China and South Korea.

The opening game of the World Cup qualifiers was nothing more than a casual warm-up for the Taegeuk Warriors. The team from Singapore were the guests in Seoul. South Korea struggled a little in the first period, but took a 1:0 lead shortly before the break through Cho Gue-Sung. Things became clearer after the break. Hee-Chan Hwang, Heung-Min Son, Ui-Jo Hwang and Kang-In Lee brought the match to a fitting end with a 5:0 victory.

Predicted South Korea line-up:
Seung-Gyu Kim – Ki-Je Lee, Seung-Hyun Jung, Min-Jae Kim, Young-Woo Seol – In-Beom Hwang, Jae-Sung Lee – Hee-Chan Hwang, Heung-Min Son, Kang-In Lee – Gue-Sung Cho – Coach: Klinsmann

China – South Korea head-to-head / H2H result

China v South Korea is a duel between two old rivals who have met time and again over the years. A total of 33 games have been played to date. The direct comparison is a more than clear-cut affair for the Taegeuk Warriors. In terms of victories, South Korea is clearly ahead with 21:2. Ten duels ended in a draw.

The Chinese team’s last win came in a qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, when they came out on top 1-0 at home. However, South Korea went to the tournament and the Dragons stayed at home. The last encounter was not so long ago. In July 2022, the Koreans won a test match in Japan 3:0. An own goal from Chenjie Zhu and goals from Chang-Hoon Kwon and Gae-Sung Cho sealed the clear South Korean success

China – South Korea tip

The Chinese probably can’t compete with the best teams on the continent at the moment, but could potentially benefit from the increased number of participants at the 2026 World Cup. First of all, they have to get through the first group stage and Thailand should be the opponents to beat. Points against the supposed leaders from South Korea would only be a bonus on the way to the next round.

The South Koreans are one of the best teams in Asia and one of the favorites to win the Asian Cup title in January. They have recently won four in a row and it seems as if Jürgen Klinsmann has now found an approach to his team

We definitely think the task on Tuesday will be too big for the Chinese Dragons. The Taegeuk Warriors come to Shenzhen with a star-studded line-up and will be keen to celebrate their second win in their second qualifying match. Due to their recent defensive stability, we have decided to play the odds on a one-nil win for Jürgen Klinsmann’s team between China and South Korea

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