Another resounding victory for the Setebello?

The ruckus in the fight for places in the play-offs has begun at the World Water Polo Championships in Hungary. The first matchday has been played and the first preliminary decisions have already been made. In Group B, it was already clear in advance that Italy and Spain would secure the first two places. Both have made a good start to the tournament with an opening win.

After the clear 22:4 victory of the Italians, Alessandro Campagna’s team will now face Canada in the second match. It might not be quite as clear-cut as that, but a clear victory for the reigning world champions seems to be the only option. With the second win in the second match, the Italian team would already be safely in the playoffs, although that should only be a formality anyway.

The Canadians already suffered a painful defeat in their first match. They lost 2:19 against the Spaniards. From Canada’s point of view, it is to be feared that it will be similarly severe on Thursday. In any case, in the duel between Italy and Canada, the tip can only have something to do with a victory for the world champions.

The results so far make it clear why the betting providers tested are only offering extremely low odds on another Setebello victory in the duel between Canada and Italy. We expect there to be a clear success for the world champions and therefore we tend to place a bet on a high handicap win for the favourite between Italy and Canada.

Italy – Statistics & current form

The Italians are the defending champions at the World Water Polo Championships and are now also among the tightest circle of favourites in Hungary. A lot is currently being done right in Italy, also in the clubs. Pro Recco defended its title in the Champions League. Brescia, another Italian participant, reached the semi-finals. So it is not without good reason that the Setebello is now also highly rated at the World Cup.

Strong World Cup start of the defending champions

The Italians have only played six matches this calendar year. With four wins and two defeats, their record is certainly capable of improvement, but both defeats came against Serbia, a team that has dominated international water polo for years. That is why we are now only looking at the odds for an Italian win in the second group match between Italy and Canada.

Coach Alessandro Campagna’s team had an extremely easy start to this World Cup tournament in Sopron. South Africa is probably the weakest team in Hungary and so it was only a question of how high the world champions would dispatch the underdogs. In the end, the score was a clear 22:4.

The Italians could afford to use all their players and thus save some energy. Except for Giacomo Cannella, who missed four shots, all field players scored. The most successful scorer was Andrea Fondelli with four goals. In addition, the keepers Marco del Lungo and Gianmarco Nicosia defended a strong 64 percent of the opponent’s throws.

Predicted line-up of Italy:
Del Lungo, Nicosia – Di Fulvio, Damonte, Iocchi Gratta, Fondelli, Cannella, Marziali, Echenique, Presciutti, Bruni, Di Somma, Dolce – Coach: Campagna

Canada – Statistics & current form

The World Cup basically only gets underway for the Maple Leafs on Saturday with the third matchday. In the run-up it was clear that in the first two games against the title candidates from Spain and Italy hardly anything will be achieved. On Saturday, however, a win against South Africa should be enough to get them into the last 16.

Sensitive opening defeat

Once the Canadians make the playoffs, then perhaps even the quarter-finals are possible, as either Australia or the United States, neither of which are overmatched teams, likely await in the knockout games. Maybe that’s why the team of Canadian coach Patrick Oaten will let the first two matches slide a bit and only then attack fully.

However, the Canadians have lost all of their last three games, namely against the USA, Brazil and Spain on Tuesday. The defeat against the Iberians, however, was extremely sensitive. Until shortly before the start of the second quarter, the match was still somewhat open, but then the Spaniards pulled away unstoppably. It was already 9:2 at the break.

In the last two quarters, the Canadians did not even score a goal of their own and lost sections three and four with 0:6 and 0:4. That is how the result of 2:19 came about. The Spaniards were overpowering in all respects. But a throwing rate of eight per cent is hardly worthy of a World Cup and therefore between Italy and Canada the prediction is not too far-fetched that there will be another defeat for the Maple Leafs.

Predicted Canada line-up:
Radenovic, McKnight – Patterson, Djerkovic, Constantin-Bicardi, Halajian, Blanchard, Cote, Spooner, Gardijan, Soleimanipak, O’Donnell, D’Souza – Coach: Oaten

Italy – Canada Direct Comparison / H2H Balance

The Canadians are truly no great power in water polo. In North America, they are clearly number two behind the United States. Nevertheless, they are regular guests at the World Championships and the Maple Leafs are also involved in the finals of the World League from time to time. It is all the more astonishing that in the last 20 years there has only been one match between Italy and Canada.

This duel took place in Kazan, Russia, in August 2015 in the round of 16 of the World Cup. At that time, the Canadians did not stand a chance. In four quarters, the Italians scored only two goals and advanced to the quarter-finals with a commanding 8:2 victory. In the end, however, the Setebello remained in fourth place without a medal.

Italy – Canada Tip

How high will the Italians send Team Canada out of the hall in Sopron on Thursday? That’s really the main question. Basically, with the low odds on a bare Setebello win, you can’t place any bets at all. A victory by the reigning world champions is without alternative. We can even imagine Italy winning all four quarters.

After the opening victory of the Italians with 22:4 against South Africa and the Canadian 2:19 defeat against Spain, a cross comparison can be made quite well, because the Spaniards and Italians should currently be on a similar level.

When it comes to handicaps, you usually have to have the right nose. It will also depend on how much playing time Alessandro Campagna will give his top performers. There will probably be a larger rotation and that is why we have decided to play the betting odds on a handicap win (-9.5) for the world champions between Italy and Canada.

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