Will the Cowboys stay hot away from home?

Panthers vs. Cowboys and the question of how many interceptions the Cowboys will catch in our Carolina vs. Their defense has already intercepted ten balls and Young has already thrown seven balls to the opponent.

The question of the winner, on the other hand, only arises to a limited extent, as the Boys are considered the clear favorites. As was the case against the Giants the week before, who they subsequently knocked out of the stadium with a 32-point difference

However, that was at home. The Cowboys are not quite as impressive away from home. In their last away game, where they were the clear favorites, they ended up losing to the Cardinals 16-28.

Can that happen against Carolina? It can, because it is the NFL after all – but we don’t think so. So our prediction for Panthers vs. Cowboys is another Dallas win, but it’s very difficult to predict the amount

Kickoff of this NFC internal battle is on Sunday at 19:00 in Carolina. The game can be watched live on DAZN.

Carolina Panthers – Statistics & current form

The Panthers lost the crisis duel against the Bears and did them a big favor. Since Chicago holds the Panthers’ first-round pick, their chances that it will also be the No. 1 pick increase significantly.

They are now the only team with a 1:8 record as the weakest team in the league and offensively, what they put on the field week after week doesn’t exactly look rosy. Their 275.6 yards rushing are the third fewest of any team

Running game no support

When things aren’t going so well for a quarterback, it usually helps him when the run game gets going and takes the biggest load off his shoulders. But even that doesn’t happen often enough in Carolina. With 90.3 yards per game, they also have a bottom 6 offense.

So the Panthers’ planning wasn’t quite perfect for No. 1 pick Bryce Young – and the same ultimately applies to his still far too unstable O-line. These two points are also the reason why they have little chance of a surprise against Dallas on Sunday

Carolina will hardly be able to exploit Dallas’ weaknesses

Because Dallas is vulnerable against the run, which is not the Panthers’ great strength. Plus, the Boys have an outstanding pass rush that will make things even more difficult for Bryce Young. We see little here to encourage Carolina.

While they have put up at least ten points of their own in every game so far, we don’t see them scoring more than 14-17 on Sunday. Dallas will easily be able to surpass this number (over 27 likely), which is why a bet on the Cowboys can even be combined with over points for Carolina vs.

Key Players:

  • QB: Bryce Young
  • RB: Miles Sanders
  • WR: Adam Thielen
  • TE: Hayden Hurst
  • K: Eddy Pineiro

Dallas Cowboys – Statistics & current form

It’s all or nothing – that seems to be the Cowboys’ motto this season. Either they win by a huge margin or they don’t (Chargers game excepted). In the long run, of course, that’s not the solution for the playoffs.

At the moment, however, it’s enough to put us comfortably on course for the playoffs, the minimum goal for America’s Team. We can also imagine another show of strength from their defense against the Panthers, which would also require numerous offensive points

Defense the better offense

Because the defense’s many takeaways and stops mean that Dak Prescott and his offense are always allowed to start in very good field positions. As a result, the boys score an average of 29.9 points, the second-best figure of all teams.

A similar score is also likely for Sunday, as the Panthers allow the third most points of all teams on average with 26.9. Therefore, the odds on Dallas -10.5 for Panthers vs Cowboys are at least a first betting option

Dallas sloppy again?

However, this is not our No. 1 bet, as the Cowboys tend to be careless from time to time. Against the very weak Giants, they even allowed 17 points in the end, which at least helped our prediction to succeed.

Other betting options are therefore again over-points for Carolina, although we would be a little more cautious this week, as the bookmakers have set the price a little higher at 14-15. Thus, our favorite bet is Dallas + Over 41.5, which Dallas even achieves single-handedly on some matchdays against weaker teams.

Key Players:

  • QB: Dak Prescott
  • RB: Tony Pollard
  • WR: CeeDee Lamb
  • TE: Jake Ferguson
  • K: Brandon Aubrey

Carolina Panthers – Dallas Cowboys head-to-head comparison / H2H record

The last duel went to the Cowboys, but the last meeting in Carolina went to the Panthers. Back in 2018, however, the Panthers’ quarterback was still Cam Newton. The new times cannot be compared with those, which is why we have to look at other statistics.

The Cowboys are scoring 12.9 points more per game on offense this season and allowing 8.6 points less. That makes a total difference of 21.5 points. So is the Boys’ status as favorites that high?

No, not at all, because it’s been a while since they put together two really strong games in a row. Nevertheless, they should win the game in the end, which is why the odds on Dallas for Panthers vs Cowboys are of course playable

Carolina Panthers – Dallas Cowboys betting tip

How high will Dallas win? We had to ask ourselves this question before similar games against the Cardinals and the Giants. Against the Giants they clearly exceeded the handicap, against the Cards they even lost in the end.

Therefore, handicap betting on Dallas is always associated with a certain degree of uncertainty, especially away from home. Our way out for Panthers vs Cowboys: a bet on Dallas + Over 41.5 total points. Because even if Carolina only scores 13 points (which they did in 8 of 9 games), 29 Cowboys points will be enough

Alternatives in Cowboys games are of course always TD bets on CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard. The latter has already gone eight games without a touchdown, but that’s exactly why it should be his turn again soon. In any case, the odds on him are really high

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