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An honest look at XTIP’s betting page (formerly Cashpoint)

In today’s review, we take a look at Cashpoint’s rather optimistic betting page to see if the site keeps its promises that its name promises. As soon as you log on to the website, it automatically switches to another online operator named XTIP.

We’re not sure why the name was changed, but if the site just redirects us, it’s a little disturbing and doesn’t leave the best first impression. We thought we’d point this out for safety’s sake if you’ve read comments about Cashpoint and XTIP and might be confused. As far as we know, both sides are the same.

For the purposes of this review, as it appears to be what it is now, we will refer to the site as XTIP. It’s a name as painfully boring as its predecessor.

Nevertheless, there is more to a website than just a name, so let’s not judge the book by the cover and find out if it’s a website worth your attention.

When looking for an online gaming house, there’s a lot to consider: whether you’re looking for a top sports betting provider like Tipico, exclusive casinos like bet365 or Mr.Green, or the best of both worlds with sports betting and casino like interwetten.com, William Hill or Bwin.

There are even some very niche-oriented websites to meet all conceivable game requirements. These range from websites that focus exclusively on fantasy gaming to those that focus mainly on a single sport. They may even have a completely different banking system than most, such as Bitstarz, which focuses on the digital Bitcoin currency.

XTIP is first and foremost both a casino and a sports betting site without any particular immediately visible niches. With this, XTIP plays in a league with some of the biggest names in the online betting business, including William Hill and Coral.

This is a pretty tough competition that you have to compete against. To overcome the multitude of online rivals, we will ask all the important questions every player should have. We provide you with these important answers so you can make an informed decision about where you want to spend your time and hard-earned money.

While we always remain as objective as possible, there is always a lot of personal taste that we cannot take into account. In this sense, we would always suggest that you spend a reasonable amount of time testing different sports betting providers. Allow time to decide which vendor is best for your needs.

What do we mean by that? Take, for example, Bet365 and interBets . Both are truly excellent addresses with a very different design philosophy and personality. These things may not be as important as the product itself, but they still have an impact on your gameplay. Since there is a very large selection of sports betting providers, you can be selective in this respect.

Now we’ve got all this out of the way, we’re not wasting any more time and we’re moving on with the evaluation!

What does the XTIP design look like?

As already mentioned, this is the element of the website that is most likely due to personal taste. However, this does not mean that we cannot take a look at it and give you an overview of how we think the overall response will evolve, along with comments on the more practical elements of website design.

XTIP is a pretty simple page. There are no mascots like those that fill the pages of Coral or BGO, for example. Of course, this only applies if you look at the small sun next to the logo. Otherwise, it keeps things simple.

The structure of his sports bets is quite typical for most, apart from the rather rough selection of the main toolbar at the top of the page.

xtip dashboard

If you like your sites relatively simple and straightforward, XTIP sports betting and casino could become a home for you.

Technically, the website runs very well, is responsive and very easy to navigate and understand. This is undoubtedly a consequence of their simple design philosophy. In fact, the website runs much better and faster than it would suggest its slightly rustic appearance, with smooth-running videos and promotional sliders that add a touch of colour to its otherwise dreary grey pages.

On the other side

The choice of background color is strangely cold and metallic and does not reflect the sunny behavior of the logo. Ultimately, this is a website looking for a personality. Is it rotten like Rich Casino? An upscale market like Grosvenor Casino? Or minimalist and yet stoically efficient as interbetting ? XTIP is located between all these providers.

This lack of a clear identity is perhaps most evident on their casino page, where their rather high-tech video promotions are completely at odds with the very simple page layout.

We can’t imagine anyone finding XTIP’s design particularly irritating, but it’s hard to imagine anyone really enjoying it.

XTIP Bonus Offers

In today’s saturated and punctured online betting market, a website cannot compete without a good selection of offers. They have become the icing on the cake on the online betting market to win new players and reward loyal customers.

XTIP is currently promoting with a welcome bonus for newly registered members of up to €100. You will receive the XTIP bonus under this LINK.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions of the provider.

XTip Bonus 100 €

XTIP bonus of up to €100

The up to €100 XTIP bonus stands out as a bonus. This can only be used as a new customer. XTIP will double their deposit up to €100. So deposit €100 and get a XTIP bonus of €100. In such promotions, we always advise you to pay attention to the terms and conditions of the provider, as there are often conditions for such promotions.

XTIP mobile app bonus

Downloads and installs the XTIP app for Android or Go. You will only receive the XTIP bonus if you are resident in Germany. The deposit must be made via the app, the minimum deposit is €10. Take a close look at the terms and conditions for qualifying for the XTIP mobile bonus.

XTIP 200% Xtra Chance

Try your luck to win back your lost bet. A winner of the XTIP Community is randomly selected who has lost a bet in the last seven days. As a winner, you will receive twice the bet placed.

Pay attention to the terms and conditions of the provider regarding the bonus offers.

Does XTIP have good customer service?

Even the best sports betting providers will inevitably have customers who have problems from time to time. That’s why good customer support is essential to answer all players’ questions quickly and efficiently.

Regarding XTIP, we haven’t heard too much negative from customers about customer service.

While we have not heard too many negative things, we have not heard too many positive things. Or a lot of everything, to be exact. The problem with evaluating a website with as little online follow-up as XTIP is that it is difficult to accurately measure the overall perception of its customers. This is also an issue we have in terms of assessing their reputation in general.

Your customer service seems to be reachable only via email, without an estimated processing time, when you might expect a response. On the other hand, however, we can confirm that their reputation in this respect is actually quite good.

So XTIP is probably decent in terms of customer service.

So what exactly does XTIP have to offer?

Based on XTIP, there is sports betting, casino, live casino and a mobile app, so players can use their offer on the go via their smartphone or tablet PC. Sports bets also include live betting options.

XTip Bonus

The following sports are available on the XTIP page:

Football, Champions League, Europa League, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Handball, Baseball, Volleyball, E-Sport, Darts, Formula 1, Nascar, Rally, Motorcycle, Boxing, Cycling, Rugby, Golf, Waterball, Curling, Cricket

Overall, it is a good choice to satisfy most sports fans.

Although the sports betting market at first glance has a good selection of games, not everything is exactly as it seems. Not a few of the obscure tips currently have no bets available, which means they are invalid at the time of writing.

We are not sure how well this is generally reflected, as we do not know how often these bets are made, for example over a period of a few months. But it is certainly a disadvantage for an otherwise very fine variety of sports.

Unfortunately, the casino is not enough either. It offers a limited selection of games, especially compared to the big casino names out there. It’s by no means the worst thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely not the best either. Funnily enough, the selection of live casinos is even better compared to the competition, with an above-average selection of live casino games.

Overall, we would say that the website is only about average in this respect. We can go so far as to say that she may be a bit better if we rate generously.

What is their reputation in general?

There is little to discuss during licensing. XTIP is licensed by both the UK Gaming Authority and the Maltese Gaming Authority. These are the two main regulators that exist around the world. So you can be sure that XTIP is working properly, with security, privacy and fairness at the forefront.

Unfortunately, like our comments on customer service, we don’t have much to do in terms of public response. The number of critical voices seems to be about average, but there is not too much feedback in this respect either.

Therefore, we cannot say for sure what an average customer view could be for them. Ultimately, however, it is your opinion that is most important. Therefore, as already mentioned, we always advise you to take some time to visit a website like XTIP yourself. This gives you a sense of whether aesthetics, personality and offer meet your wishes before you even click the “Sign in” button.

So what do we think of XTIP as a whole?

From the outset, XTIP seems to be a confusing side. This is immediately apparent at first glance with an occasional redirection from the Cashpoint website. Since XTIP is now establishing itself as its own brand, Cashpoint will soon be a thing of the past. More games are needed, along with more promotions, more information, and more customer service options. It takes more of almost everything.

In terms of website design, XTIP is beautiful, although it could use one or two inspirations here and there. The overall impression we get from XTIP is that it’s a blueprint for what could later become a great betting site.

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